What is The #1 Mistake That Medical Sales Reps Make?

MSM-05 What is the number one mistake that medical sales reps make-image

MSM-05 What is the number one mistake that medical sales reps make-image

What is The #1 Mistake That Medical Sales Reps Make?

Getting into medical sales can seem like a dream job, then reality hits, and you’re not doing too well. Remember, that like any job, there is a learning curve, and there is a lot to learn in medical sales. You’ve got to know your target audience intimately. You’ve got to know your productt backwards and forwards, from A to Z, cold! If you don’t know these things you’re up the creek without a paddle.

But even that is not the number one mistake people make in medical sales, the number one mistake is they simply don’t ask for the sale. They do all the work, know their target market, know their product, but they never ask for the sale. They don’t ask for the sale!! Isn’t that crazy? If you’re in medical sales now, think back to your last couple of misses. Did you ask for the sale? Did you ask more than once?

There is an old  saying in business, that you need to remember…“ABC” Always Be Closing!

In every conversation, in every meeting, in every situation, you should always find a way to ask for the sale. By educating yourself about the types of objections your client may have in advance you’ll get yourself even closer to a sale. Another easy thing for you to remember is: “CPR” Cushion, Probe & Respond. If you have studied what your client’s likely objections might be you can answer them in advance, or at least be prepared to answer it by Cushioning, Probing,  & Responding to their objection.

For example:

Objection: I don’t think I’d be able to get a ROI (Return on Investment) with this device.

Cushion: Doctor, I can certainly understand why you might think that you won’t get a quick and easy ROI with our device.

Probe: If I were to demonstrate how quick and easy it is to make money with this device, would you move forward in purchasing this device today?

Doctor: Well if you could prove it to me, then I’d seriously consider it.

Response: Doctor, Take a look at this business review that I recently put together for Doctor X just down the street from you, it clearly demonstrates how much money he has made with this device, and how he was able to pay it off in only 2.5 months.  It also demonstrates that this device is truly a true cash cow in his practice.  With that being said, are you ready to move forward and and start making some money today?

(Note: This is only a quick and brief example of a conversation I have all the time… I’m much more specific in the information I deliver, and it doesn’t always follow this exact script… It’s merely a brief example!)

First you capture their trust, then you uncover any objections they have, then you probe further & respond with solid data that overcomes that objection, and finally you ask for the business. If you’re too scared to probe your clients to find out how to help them, you’ll probably not close too many sales. You’ve got to be confident, concise, and an excellent communicator, in every meeting. My grandfather always used to tell me… son you’ve got 2 ears and 1 mouth, so you need to listen twice as much as you speak… this is so true… especially in sales!  You need to learn to listen so that you can catch all possible objections and confidently overcome those objections with a little “CPR”.  If you’ve prepared by studying the client beforehand you’ll do great at uncovering and overcoming objections and ultimately close more sales.

Remember to stick to your “ABC’s” & to regularly perform “CPR” and the sky is the limit!

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