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Welcome to the Resources Page!

I put this page together for you as a value add, these are the products and services that I personally recommend for your medical sales careers.  If it’s listed here, it is a product I’ve personally used or are currently using as a medical sales professional. 

Please let me know how these products and  services work out for you, and if you have any recommendations on any product or service that you could recommend to the “Medical Sales Professional” audience, please leave your recommendation here…

Franklin Covey Planner

This is a product I cannot live without. It keeps me sharp at everything that I do. With this system I write down every task that I need to do, when I need to do it, and any other notes I need.  It truly helps me “Plan My Work, & Work My Plan!” I would be lost without this planner, and I highly recommend that you purchase one.

 Leeds Binder

I like to use a Leeds Binder to carry my stuff around from day to day. It looks professional, and can carry all of my contracts, brochures, cards, and even an iPad. This binder keeps all my stuff in one place for easy reference and can make your life a lot easier.

 The Apple iPhone

I’ve had the iPhone since 2008, and I honestly don’t know how I survived without it. I love this phone and think everyone should have one. It keeps me super organized and on top of my game.  If you haven’t gotten one yet, you need to invest in one.

 The Apple iPad

My company gave me one of these to start using out in the field with my customers. And, I’m so glad they did. Now that I have my iPad, I’ve dramatically decreased the size of my sales binder.  I use the iPad for everything. It truly is an essential sales tool that every medical sales rep should have.  If you company doesn’t give you one of these, then you need to invest in one. It really impresses the physicians when you have a quick and easy access to all of your information.

 Pharma Resume Blaster

If you’re in the market to a job in medical sales, I highly recommend you use this service. It only cost around $50 dollars and it blasts your resume out to over 1200 recruiters. I’ve used this several times and have landed a few jobs from it.

 Career Confidential

This is Peggy McKee’s site that is focused on helping you get into, and /or find a better medical sales job. She truly is an expert at what she does. I trust everything she has to offer… Hence, that is why I recommend all of her affiliate products.

This is the CRM database that I use to keep track of all my contact information, install base, appointments, proposals, tasks, and emails. It’s what my company has given me to use, and I must admit, that I really like it. It has an app that I can use while out in the field to access all of the information that I need while in the field. If you company doesn’t have this yet, they should seriously look into it.

This is the place I use to purchase all of my prospect information. You can customize the list that you purchase to get pretty much anything you would like to, such as contact info, email, web address, and even their credit score. This is huge if you’re trying to qualify prospects in the capital equipment sector.

This is the VA service that I personally use and love! Tawnya Sutherland has taught over 15,000 VA’s how to serve you as a Virtual Assistant. They are ready and waiting to service whatever need you can throw at them. All you have to do is submit an RFP and let them know exactly what you are looking for, and you’ll have several responses from a qualified VA reply within minutes. The price per hour can range from $20 – $100 per hour


Integrity Selling for the 21st Century: How to Sell the Way People Want to Buy by Ron Willingham

This is my favorite sales book of all time! I’ve actually taken the corporate level class twice, and have loved it each time. I think the AIDINC sales process is the most well thought out and thorough checklist ever written. If you only get 1 book from this list, THIS WOULD BE IT!

The Greatest Sales Book Ever Written: How to Become a Top Sales Representative or The Best at Anything You Do by Dean Gould

Although the title is somewhat aggressive and cocky, I do highly recommend this book, because it gives a lot of insight in the sales world. No matter, which industry you are in. The whole reason I even got this book is because it was written by a medical sales manager.  The stories he shares through the entire book will help you relate to him. That is why I liked it so much, because I thought it was written for me and my profession. I highly recommend it, especially if you are looking to break into medical sales. He even goes as far as sending you a follow up appendix e-book on how to get into medical sales.

Mastering Medical Sales: The Essential Attitudes, Habits, and Skills of High-earning Medical Sales Professionals’ by Mace Horoff

This book is also a very good read! Mace Horoff, is speaking directly to us, and it’s obvious that he knows what he is talking about, and that he has our best interests in mind. I like his writing style, and how he shares his stories of his real life experiences on how he dealt with many different situations that we see and hear each and every day. I really related to, and learned from this book, and would definitely encourage you to read it!

How to Get Into Medical Sales by Peggy McKee

I must admit that I do not own this book, because I didn’t discover it until after I landed my last job. However, I’ve heard amazing things about it and Peggy McKee. I’ve actually signed up for her newsletter, and have since watched several of her videos and she seems to really know whatshe is talking about.  So that is why I’m recommending this book, and her, if you are trying to get into medical sales or perhaps you’d just like to look around and start interviewing for a better medical sales job.

30-60-90 Day Business Plan by Peggy McKee

This product is something I didn’t need to purchase because I had developed my own 30-60-90 day plan, but I did however, send it to Peggy to have her review it. She said after reading mine that it was pretty much in line with what she presented in this product. I must admit, I appreciated her honesty.  Which is another reason I think Peggy McKee is the real deal, and I’m confident that she produces a legitimate product. If you are interviewing for a medical sales job, I would definitely have your 30-60-90 day business plan available to show the hiring medical sales manager.

Diclaimer: Please keep in mind that I may or may not receive a small commission for some of these products or services, and you are under no obligation to purchase any of these products.  However, if you’d like to “Pay it Forward”, and help support the efforts that I’ve put forth towards this website, it would be greatly appreciated.  Again, you are under no obligation to do so!


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