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Welcome to the FREE STUFF page!

 This is the page where you can download lots of free stuff that you can use for your own, that I’ve used throughout my medical sales career.  You are more than welcome to use this information and share it with your friends, my only request is that you send me a testimonial on how these free products, this website, or myself has helped you achieve success in your medical sales career.

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Here’s to your success in medical sales!

Sample Resume for getting into medical sales | This is a sample resume that I’ve used for years that’s gotten me plenty of interviews.  It’s short, sweet, and to the point!

Sample Brag Book Table of Contents | This is a sample Brag Book Table of Contents that I’ve used on my Brag Book for years.  A brag book is an invaluable tool to help you land a job in medical sales or any other job for that matter.  You defintinately want to leverage this template!

Sample Why Should I Hire You Template | This is a quick 1 pager that summarizes ”Why They Should Hire You”.  This document is perfect to answer this question.  I’ve personally used this document throughout my medical sales career, and it works like a charm!   

Sample Territory Tracker Template | This territory tracker is essential for maintaining your sanity as you grow your funnel and build your book of business as a medical sales professional.  I reference this template everyday to get a quick snap shot of my book of business and where I need to be focusing my efforts… I honestly don’t know what I’d do with out it!            

Medical Sales Brag Book Tabs | This is a template for all the tabs that I use in my medical sales brag book!  I would highly recommend you use this format when putting together a medical sales brag book                        

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