What is The #1 Mistake That Medical Sales Reps Make?

What is The #1 Mistake That Medical Sales Reps Make? Getting into medical sales can seem like a dream job, then reality hits, and you’re not doing too well. Remember, that like any job, there is a learning curve, and there is a lot to learn in medical sales. You’ve got to know your target audience [...]

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How to Break into Medical Sales

  How to Get Into Medical Sales! It can seem near impossible to break into medical sales if you’re not there yet. You have a lot of excuses such as, “I have no medical sales experience”, or “I’ve never been in sales before” or “I just can’t seem to get an interview.” All of these issues [...]

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How Much Money Can I Make in Medical Sales?

Asking how much money you can make in medical sales is kind of like asking a question about the number infinity. The truth is, how much you can make depends entirely on you. However, with just a little research you can find out that medical sales reps can make multiple six figure salaries ranging anywhere [...]

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What is Medical Sales?

You may be wondering what exactly is medical sales? Basically, medical sales involves, any representative who promotes and sells products relating to the medical or healthcare industry. They can be in any of the following fields, and listed in any of the following ways on job search engines: Medical Sales Rep meeting with doctors Aesthetic [...]

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May 1, 2012


What is Medical Sales Mastery All About?

Medical Sales Mastery: How To Succeed In Medical Sales Vertical Logo

Welcome to Medical Sales Mastery!

 We are excited to offer you coaching and guidance on our proven methods and systems, covering a wide variety of skill sets for the medical sales professional.  Medical Sales Mastery was created by W.A. Smith, a veteran medical sales professional with over 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and capital equipment sales arena. Continue reading…

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